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Winters last hold couldn't stop 4/14 Dive on Nag

Well 5 Divers ventured out in not so great of weather. Snowing and 32 degrees, at least the water temperature was up to 42.

Pete ventured off by himself, Jeff and John went South checking out the "sites" and Paul and seldom-seen-Tom went North. Glad to have Tom's first dive of the year with us on that nice warm, sunny day. He always brings the best weather out for us :).

Pete was the speed demon, but watch his path and the "problems" he had in 2 different locations. Wonder what was up with that?

Well if you noticed the pause #1, maybe it was the carp that he grabbed from the tail and went for a swim with, or perhaps it was the generator that was found.

No Kidding floated up in 67', then started back to shore and in 45' he accused us (Paul/Tom), or (John/Jeff) of grabbing his float rope. So Pete back tracked and found the rope right next to a float bag on the bottom of Nag. Oh wait that was Pete's float and the generator in 6 feet of muck. So Pete had to lift it again with his little 50LB float bag and the generator was well over that making it a bit difficult and some "assistance" from Pete. Swim like hell before she comes down again. Good thing the fuel tank was environmentally sealed and didn't leak any fuel in the launch area ;) .

Who lost that? I wonder if the deposit is still good, was what Jeff was thinking.

Sure enough Big Jim's Small Engine Repair is still over in Oconomowoc, I wonder if Jeff can get it working? Well Jeff's going to try, I'm sure Lori won't notice another treasure at the house. Just leave the pool alone, i've been told. :)

Off we went to Marty's Pizza Delafield for a pitcher of Brew and some warm veggie filled Pizza, more pictures to come, but all we had loaded so far. Back for the 1st Boat dive of the year next week and hoping over 40 degrees.

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