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Everyone is back Nagawicka shore dive 3/27

Ah after Pete and John's trips, the crew is back so finally a dive on Nag on March 27th

Tom and John did wave goodbye to Pete's trip to Jamaica mon! Back from 82 degree water to Nag at 35...Well the beach house was at least open and heated.

We invited everyone below from the dive meeting, but only Pete, Paul, Tom, Mark, Roger, Kevin and John showed up.

Visibility was a good 40 feet, except where Pete (emphasis) and John cleaned the mermaid. Treasures were few, but Steph is going to get a new pair of pants.

Good quality and almost brand new.

Food from Pete was a shredded pork and brews from Jeff, only took an hour to warm up.

Now regarding that dive meeting ... post somebody was naughty... But shhh Jeanie doesn't know yet :)

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