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We broke the rain curse...

It was a beautiful night for a dive on Oconomowoc Lake. No rain in the forecast, and John was not here to enjoy it. Hmmmm....could that be why it didn't rain?

Six divers on board ready to enjoy great vis and warm weather. Jeff and Brian, Tom and Rhonda, Pete ended up going solo, as John T forgot his wetsuit back at the dock, safe in his trunk. The dives lasted about 40 minutes, with depths of 50' reached. John T even managed to get in a 20 minute dive, before he started turning blue.

The only great find to the night was a fishing pole, which somehow managed to end up at the El Presidente's humble abode.

Pork sandwiches, donuts, and cocktails made for a nice finish to our night of diving.

Beautiful Night to Dive Oconomowoc Lake

Divers Ready and Anxious to Enjoy our Sun and Warm Weather.

Our sacrifice to the sunshine gods for giving us a rain-free night! It looks good on John's Garage!

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