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Tropical storm Alberto didn’t hold our divers away from visiting Occonomowoc Lake

The weather was iffy

Tropical storm Alberto didn’t hold our divers away;

Red and brown on the weather map made us question whether to go out,

But we were fearless as always this Wednesday.

Lightening stopped by the time we arrived at the empty launch on Occonomowoc Lake –

Given the conditions, the dive we decided to take!

Thunder rumbling in the distance

Had us wondering, “Would we survive?”

It is always worth the risk for a Wednesday night dive!

As we donned our wet/dry suits, the rains started pounding again;

Made us question our decision to the bitter end!

Expecting eight, but only six eager divers did arrive,

We launched in the murky waters of the Occonomowoc River

Light sky with blue threads gave us a glimmer of hope for the dive!

The rain ceased as we headed to the southern shoreline;

Put us at ease –

We would all be just fine!

Newbie John T was puzzled;

“What was on the front of the boat?”

He had to inquire.

Are you all spearing? Is that legal?

Nervous… he began to perspire.

We assured him, no worries – we only spear carp,

The rough kind of fish.

And sometimes we smoke them;

It makes a great dish!

Tom was the first to get his feet wet to our surprise;

Pete and John T next headed west to the cribs -

The lucky spot where many a treasure lies.

Jeff and Roger went east.

Tom and John headed north;

Yet they somehow met face-to-face

Jeff and Roger had spears,

So Tom and John gave them their space!

Depths to 37 feet, temp at 49

Thermocline frigid;

A few treasures seen,

But most left behind.

There were some old anchors, hats, bottles and such

But newbie John T scored the best –

A vintage milk bottle – a prize possession to clutch!

Overall, conditions were conducive,

Yet the carp were elusive!

That is until the last divers were merely 10 feet from the boat

There was Ole Walter!

Which Roger soon slayed in the throat!

We changed and headed back to feast on Pete’s biggest chicken legs to date!

The size of a turkey’s;

MMMMM they were great!

We feasted, but not as much as the mosquitoes who ate us alive!

Note to self: don’t leave bug spray behind the next dive!

We were grateful the second forecasted storm never did arrive,

We will live to tell another story next week

When Pine Lake we shall dive!

Jeff looking forward to carp slaying

But Roger was the only one who saw the bugger and battled him to the end!

What Treasures

Even a few strays:

All calm after the storm

A feast to be consumed

The Big Wings

Had to be consumed

A perfect end to the day

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