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Tornado Sirens Blaring on Nagawicka Lake Didn't Stop Our Scuba Diving Adventure

Tornado sirens blaring,

Emergency alerts flaring –

Nothing stops our hearty dive team

Who are always oh-so daring!

Pete, Roger, Paul, Jeff, and John times two –

“There can never be enough johns in this world”

A statement which always rings true!

Dove Nag off the island’s north shore –

Teams of Jeff & John, Roger & Paul;

Pete with the newbie, John T,

On his first Four Seasons Diving Club tour!

Water temp at 48 –

Vis was 30 feet all the way down;

Best vis at Nag in years –

Simply great!

Re-anchored the boat to prep for the next storm –

Seems like bad weather on Wednesdays

Has been the norm!

Treasures abound:

Three nice anchors found.

John reeled in a Tillman fishing pole;

Maybe he can finally catch a fish –

A lofty goal!

Also found some old cans and “Paul’s placque”,

Inscribe “For your safety deposit here.”

Divers popped up after 50 minutes and headed back.

Sunset was spectacular,

With not a boat on the lake –

Nights like this are too good not to partake!

Pete shared his famous chicken wings feast –

We downed them with John & Jeff’s brewskies,

As wings always go better with yeast!

Low and behold, Rhonda showed up to supervise our rowdy bunch.

The only dame in the gang, yet can’t miss out on the fun -

(That’s only a hunch!)

So far we have been 3 for 3 –

Diving in stormy weather.

My guess is it can only get better!

We’ll see next week and improve on that bet

Out on Oconomowoc Lake,

We’ll take the plunge before the rain gets us wet!

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