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6/20 The Dive that almost wasn't...

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

When Wednesday night diving gets derailed, you have to improvise!

Our drive trip to Okauchee was not to be, Truck would not start, so we improvised and went to Lake Beulah once Pete was done working his magic. After a slight delay we were on our way, Pete, Jeff, Roger and I. Poor John T was let out in the cold at the park and ride on 83.

Once on the boat it was a comedy of errors to get in our dive. We had forgotten boots for a wet suit (sneakers and socks work just fine), dead batteries in the gps on Roger's float, no SDS card in the GoPro, and Roger decided he wanted to be up close and personal with the rope that was attached to his Richter anchor he found. If only I had a camera to capture that image, I didn't think it was possible to laugh underwater, but this provided me with the opportunity to prove that theory (yes, you can). After finally getting Roger untangled and back into his BC, we were able to complete our dive.

Nothing can stop us from diving!

We did manage to get about a 40 minute dive, with depths to 50'. Not bad visibility on the lake either.

Back on the boat it was treasures for everyone, Pete and Jeff brought back a prop and an anchor, and Roger and I brought back an anchor (which was Pirated from our float on the way back) and a vintage fishing lure.

Pete brought out his delicous barbecued ribs for us to enjoy on our trip back to the dock, and Jeff provided the cold refreshing brewski's.

When you forget your boots, you improvise!

Pirates were up to no good, they stole our Richter anchor from our float!

Barbecued Ribs! MMMMM!

Great Lure if your Fishing for Christmas Trees!

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