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So nice on Pewaukee back on 9/28 w more

A full boat of 8: Jim & Steph from Stillwater Diving LLC (Delafield), Jeff, Jeff, Pete, Roger, Paul & John.

Took quite a few paths with out divers, down to 26 feet with water at 53 degrees.

Everyone had fun and the air was in the 70's at the start so wimps in dry suits were Pete and Roger. Not saying that Roger wore dry suit so when he fell in putting in the anchor this week he would remain dry. Yup, he went head first last week. Pete did stop boat.

What a nice night.

Not quite the visibility we had last week but 5 feet is better than 2.

John needs a haircut, but at this point who cares.

Treasures were found all over and a few good ones to bring to next dive meeting 4 sure.

Not a phone but a mini tackle box, a few embossed, Whiskey and a Hutchenson bottle.

Of course Jeff found an anchor that he needed to keep.

Jim brought back the big gallon jug & trash bag full of litter, little lake clean up.

Even Otter ended up with a new fashion statement had to wear around the neighborhood. Thanks to whomever left it in my car!!!

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