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Silver Lake Shore Dive Report 4/11/18

Monster Of the Deep

April 11th out on Silver Lake –

Six divers, the plunge to take.

There were teams of John & Pete, Roger & Rhonda, and two Jeff G’s;

Two went wet; four went dry.

But in the end, only two dry –

And boy did they freeze!

Water temp 40;

Depths at 34 feet

Dove for 44 min with vis at 30,

Which was a nice treat!

Pete & John found a bushel crate

And a chair for Pete

Which did not support his weight!

There were two extremely large fish that came along for the dive –

A huge bullhead and Pete grabbed the tail of a 4 ft. gar

Biggest ever we’ve seen alive!

Rhonda scored a golf ball;

Jeffs’ team spotted a fish crib;

Pete & John saw a 20 ft. Christmas tree –

But only a wet body for Jeff Greb!

Pete found a shanty,

But seemed to lose John,

Who swam way ahead and beyond!

John scored yet more bottles –

Quite a stash!

But again lost Pete in a mad cat & mouse dash!

In the end the other treasures didn’t go far –

The goggles and pulley system

Mysteriously landed on John’s car!

Roger and Jeff G came back saturated wet –

A leak in their dry suits,

Would be a sure bet!

They were quick to change,

While Rhonda was happy as clams –

Prancing around in her dry long underwear jams!

In the end it was off to Chili’s for the burger special & beer.

Pattie Grebs joined us with Jeff

To add to the cheer!

Hope the weather warms up,

For our next dive of the spring –

We’re on to North Lake next week,

To do our dive THANG!!!!

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