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Shore Dive #4 Nagawicka 4/19

Well believe it our not, we found treasures before we got in the water. As you can tell not many people at Nag for the day. Roger found a fishing pole with a hook and John supplied the worm. Off Roger went to start fishing, but it may have been too cold.

Well a small group of 5 ventured out on a cold day. Pete, John, Roger, Jeff & Mark

Temperature was high 30's and was a little colder than the water at 41 degrees.

Well John and Roger just had to wait for the trailer, oh never mind the beachhouse was open, so change we did and then Petey showed up.

Gear up Pete, let's go!!! Oh boy did someone forget his float?

Off we went on a good dive, visibility was better under 30 feet than above.

All had fun and dove for about an hour. John actually navigated for the 2nd week in a row, thinking Pete has forgotten his navigational skills along with the float ;)

Found almost everything, but we missed the mermaid, apparently Roger left it in a cloudy haze after cleaning it up.

Off to Hunters next week!

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