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Scuba Diving Pine Lake 8/10 w 4 Seasons Scuba

Well the launch was not very busy, since it had rained earlier in the day. Tom and Jeff were ready to jump in to the smooth waters.

Here comes Petey and crew.

Why do Jeff and Paul hang out by the boys room?

Stand back here we go.

Paul, Tom and Mark are really excited to get in the water soon.

Pete, Treasurer Jeff Roger and Jeff were also excited.

Happy times by all, it must be the Pine lake thing.

Picked a good spot

Visibility was better under thermocline than above it. Water was 46 below and 75 up top.

Pete Mucking...

Very few treasures were found, but they all ended in John's car. Otter's happy.

Moon is coming out, good thing it wasn't coming up.

Some things are beyond words, but Mark is very happy. Maybe has to do with moon not

coming out. Thanks for food Roger!

A good dive by all. John has a nice new haircut.

Beautiful Evening

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