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Possibly last Shore Dive on Lake Beulah - with ice starting to cover and the Christmas Spirit!

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Well it was a bit chilly with ice forming around the edges and pier of Lake Beulah, but it didn't stop the from venturing for possibly the last shore dive of the year. In attendance were Pete, Roger (President 2021 to be), Jeff, Mark, Katie and Santa John.

Cozy and warm inside

Dives were down to 47 feet in the 36 degree water. Poor Pete's regulator free flowed, but after a great dive partners help he was able to eliminate the issue and continue his 55 minute dive. Some good Pint bottles were found from the 40's in a garbage dump, along with some "interesting" items still to be undocumented along with some fishing lures that ended up somewhere...

All 6 made some headway:

Definitely could tell where the little ice shelf was that Pete pushed John under ... He is so mean.

one mega tie wrap, must have been those ice fishermen that were disapointed we destroyed their first ice

Good food supplied by Pete with an excellent green tomato rub were consumed in large quantities along with a pound of butter, keeping the Wisconsin tradition of dairy first!

Just dreaming of the next warm destination possible with going to Roatan May 15-22 2021

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