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Pine Lake 7/28 Scuba Dive - deep and cold

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Hard to believe this was the 16 boat dive of the season.

Pettey gone up north der hey, we snuck out with Roger for a quick dive on an off night.

Not much to say, we dropped in off the sunken island an all headed East.

Poor Roger had to dive alone and really complained about a 35' muck cloud he had to go through :) ... Must have been Jeff, since i was towing the float and navigating. Yes, we missed the boat again.

Water was clear below the thermocline at 15', but temperature was only 47 degrees. We really didn't find much to bring back. Only treasure was a sand anchor for Jeannie to put on her lake Beulah sand bar to hold the boat ever so snuggly.

Jeff and John found a junk pile of heavy metal boxes that looked like little rail road cars. No goodies to be found on/around them, but we didn't look that hard. Returning we marked a boat in 80' and will have to travel back to find. We headed off to North Lake Inn for pizza and brew with no fears of covid in that nice bar, even a visit from son Brian on his way to his new job. A beautiful night, especially with all the big storms heading across the state to the north by 20 miles. I guess we lucked out again.

Off to Pine for a return next week with that visibility of 40+feet.

What did we see down there? Treasures beyond comprehension video:

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