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Pewaukee Spring Diving 5/8

Great afternoon to dive on Pewaukee, nice blue sky's with a little bit of a breeze from

the south. Poor Tom got lost from speedy Paul and had to do quite the surface swim to catch up to that float.

Must be spring, could this be Rogers new truck deer guard bumper,

or perhaps an ass bump!

Paul & his buddy Tom, Roger, Jeff, Pete, Mark & John

Good haul of goodies, visibility wasn't bad for Pewaukee, could see almost 5 feet.

Some interesting bottles

nice funnel, even Paul kept a few

Craftsman screwdriver can still be exchanged i'm sure :)

John found 2 almost new fishing poles

Not to be outdone, but after fry pie week, the treats kept comming more than anyone could possibly eat.

A great dive

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