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Pewaukee Scuba Diving 6 15, trip back to 1864

A keeper bottle found from 1864Jefff's little S. Hickey, don't tell Lori about the hickey from another.

A windy warm day, Pete was first to arrive and had to cool off a few times waiting for all.

A group of 8 with Mark, Paul, Tom, Roger, Steve, Jeff and John rounding it out

Well I'm really thinking Jeff was surprised by the moon shot I was to receive taking a pict

Even the deer had to run away after seeing that pose

Priceless look Jeff, could be new profile

Believe it or not the weather changed rather dramatically, we just snuck off before the "really" bad weather hit, but not before treasures were displayed.

A large selection of bottles was retrieved with a few other items of interest.

A Rutter, anchor and a few soda bottles...

Mason jar and sun glasses

even a drink container and straw, does anyone know how to clean off anything?

Guessing not, but oh what a treasure to display.

Jeff is proud of his Hickey and showing it off to all.

Cleans up well.

John definitely had to clean the boat before we got back to the launch.

Even an old log Kentucky Taylor Bourbon

bottle. Mark, Roger and Paul not so much.

Pete found some beauties too. Tom's bottle left did not make it home to Laura.

Good thing Pete cooked long before that day and we were able to dine and dash,

storms coming soon

Nope don't worry about the lightening hit, Pete was able to replace all the switches quickly by the next week without too much trouble, next dive meeting should be fun.

A few cookies

Off we went.

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