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Pewaukee Lake Dive June 17th, Looking for a GoPro in all the wrong places...

The goal was to look for Mark's lost GO Pro and we had a good spot picked out

Temperature was a bit steamy before jumping into Pewaukee Lake

But two boats ventured out, all paired up 2x2 but each captain ventured out alone.

Roger, Tom, Jeff, Paul and John for one boat's adventure

With Pete, Mark, Ryan, Steph, JIm, el President Jeff, and Zac heading up the lead boat

Cookies, Brownies and sugar overload was a plenty.

Adventure and mermaids (looking for those handsome dive men) awaited our plunge

Oh what a great night to plunge into Pewaukee's semi-clear lake - 7' visibility

Oh what goodies to find, there was a towel from Tom, ending up on someone's Garage with an old flipper

Bottles and Anchors everywhere

Even a lost purse with booty to boot

Followed by Dinner (thanks for the Potato Bombs Pete) and beers Jeff/John and a nice shoreline fire (thanks to el Presedente's friends)

Closing out an outstanding last dive of Spring

On to Nag next week...

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