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Pewaukee Lake and 100 pounds of anchors found

Updated: May 13, 2022

On a blistery windy day that started in the 80's and by dive time was 60's the crew headed out. Roger, Mark, Tom (who?), Pete, Jeff & John for the 2022 maiden voyage!

Yes Paul had his "little dive buddy" Tom back for fun and adventures. That name...

Makes you wonder if someone was peaking with that name "little dive buddy" :) .

Mark (big finder) Roger and Jeff headed off in one direction.

Pete and John to the east. Jim is going to be so jealous of the treasure haul.

Jeff was being camera shy, but at least he came along unlike treasurer Greb (2 fisted slosher at last dive meeting).

A partial view of some of the treasures, over 100lbs of anchors, bottles, scoops, a pole, purse a few cans and even a dive flag slightly faded was found.

A few tracks to keep for the next time.

So much booty we had to make 2 separate deposits in dive float.

Even a pretty blue bottle - Emerson.

A good display, but the key find was missing from display. Wasn't allowed out of his grasp.

yes Mark found a full Graff's bottle, wondering if that was aged to perfection?

A perfect night, so good we will do it twice.

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