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Pewaukee Lake 6/29 finding crystal, not meth

Must be hitting summer stride, boat is full, days are warm and long

Picking the spot is always so hard.

Good thing we have the ACE GPS tracker Paul on it, too bad he can't navigate-more later

Pete, Jeff x2 all set.

Is that another mark on Jeff's head? He needs a hat, work injury I'm told...

Get the gear ready and let's go looting

Well believe it or not, Pete and John were first back on the boat followed by Mark, Roger, Jeff & Jeff. Missing was Tom and Paul (navigating). Where are they, you ask?

Yup that is really them way out there. Zoom in for the proof, Paul's flag for sure.

Well after another 15 minutes up they popped for a surface swim of shame ;)

Thinking Paul is just trying to tire Tom out, they did find an Anvil, so a slight excuse and is that a round bottom bottle that Tom in 58 years of diving has never found?

Oh Pete's haul, appears to be some Copper Sulfate crystals in a slightly leaking jar.

A Jung Bottle

Even a Gettleman and a full 15lb weight, you know anchors are hard to come by.

Treasurer's Jeff's new pot for Patti's garden is waiting to pop with color.

Several embossed bottles to display and some jars. Mark had a very good haul, even

a John Graff below

Not sure why the pottery was kept, but the recycle bin very soon

Jeff found a nice assortment and nice blue mason jar.

only casualty was poor Tom's nice mason jar, which crashed on the boat and caused

a little mess on Pete's clean boat, and Tom's now bleeding finger. Thanks Mark for

the bandage, but you were messy below also. Need lesson on cleaning bottles.

Tom did keep his "Double D's Dairy" Milk jug and others to impress Laura.

Roger got in the act too, but not sure where those sun glasses ended up.

John found his normal assortment of treasures and junk to display (cleaned though)

Yes, that really is an IPhone 13 that was recovered, now in rice.

how many years can they handle in 22'?

Truly a vintage evening, even a 6/23/1991 Timers shirt. Just over 31 years old.

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