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Pewaukee Lake 5/3

Only 5 Divers, Pete, Mark, Tom (back :)), Jeff and John. Roger was shooting Turkeys.

Weather was not that bad, the sailboats were coming back and we were just getting set.

A few clouds at the Sports Doc.

Pete was very excited, can you tell?

Meanwhile, Roger wasn't really shooting Turkeys just looking for them. Maybe he should have dove with us, we all saw them on the way to the dive site. Need Proof?

Just everywhere they were looking for Roger.

Dive was great visibility was around 10 feet starting to cloud up a bit, but 48 degrees above and below the water. Even saw a BIG Northern with some munch lines on side. Only one injury to report, poor Jeff had a boo boo, but we fixed him up. He was faint.

Patched up and plenty of fluids, which seemed to do the trick.

Don't tell Rog we broke into the Crown.

A whole pick up truck full of treasures in various sizes and smells.

Not sure where that nice orange hat went? Maybe Jeff can find it?

A few interesting bottles.

Pete's bottles:

Mark's (he has to work on a bit of variety):

The best part was the sailboats may have left some items behind x2

Yes, really we found and brought back 2 sail boat rudders, both with golf club handles...

Went into the Sport's doc for some good and filling food, and no Jeff still hasn't fixed his break lines, but had a different truck for the week. We all missed Roger.

A great evening and still a bit light out, ahh the long warm days of summer are coming!

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