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Pewaukee Diving Pete with Hutchinson 5 18

Pete was happy with both the sandwiches (torpedo's) and his bottle

Blistering winds couldn't keep the divers away. Mark and Jeff were ready to go.

Paul and Tom relaxed while getting ready on the park bench.

Poor John was shackled to the new ramp, good thing it wasn't quite installed yet.

Off the crew went, to find the good bottles w/o Jim (Rotan) :)

Luckily Roger released John from his predicament.

He became camera shy of course

Goodies were plenty, bottles, anchors and lights galore.

Even a shortie for Steph

Fishing pole, straps, mason jars

Even a new spotted cow and a few gold balls in the mud.

John forgot to clean his bottles, poor Pete's boat was violated

Jeff found an interesting still capped

Bottles cleaned up quite well.

Definitely did not need the sticky desert that someone forgot to bring

Turned into a peaceful evening

A fun time had by all. Water was 54 degrees and air was a bit warmer and NO BUGS!

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