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Pewaukee Dive 6 7

Oh the treasures that we found, an almost new Merc! Nice Jeff!

Loading up the boat we did, but Tom was taking it easy on "light duty".

Just take a nap and relax.

Off to Pewaukee after the storm kept the boats off for us to try another hot spot.

Well someone seems to be struggling with that zipper this week, just like last week.

Pete again needed help with his wet suit, but JOHN was not allowed to touch it this week since it exploded open last week after a slight finger "touch" to the belly.

Pete needs to go on a diet! Tom helped him out.

It does look a bit tight, but held this week, I'm not sure he could breath but it is on.

Maybe we need a few more snacks to bust out of those suits! What could be healthy?

Oh sure a few more bites, we all need a diet...maybe next year!

Pete, Jeff, Mark, Roger and John all went diving in 61 degree water, Tom supervised.

A good trip. Vis was not the best.

John found the good stash, even a clay bottle and several embossed ones.

Pete found a few, even tried to steal John's clay bottle, notice how it moved right to Petes

Jeff found some beauties too.

Almost new poles, one w a lurer too.

Roger found a nice milk bottle and a nice set of shades.

John was pretty proud of the clay one.

A beautiful night it did turn out to be.

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