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Pewaukee Bottle search 10/14

Well we thought we had 2 full boats, but a few issues knocked us down to just 8.

Pete, Roger, Steph, Jim, John, Jeff, Zach and Steve

Weather was peaking and warmed up with no rain, so we thought. Packed up the boats and headed way East for a muck dive. No breeze to be felt, we flew, but poor Roger poo pooed and needed an emergency boat repair. Good thing that fuse could be swapped out for a paper clip and they finished the trip over.

The winds changed and 2 anchors were not enough to keep Pete's boat from going to the shoreline. Good thing we could follow those drag marks, we were feeling like Tom and Julie swimming after the lost boat on Pine. No damage, all good and lucky John had all rope out to stop just before it hit the shore, Pete won't be complaining about my extra anchor ropes again.

A few bottles were found and even 2 divers after searching for 20 minutes for Roger and Jeff, apparently they forgot to have a light on the float and Jeff was doing the compass navigation. We found them in the middle of Pewaukee swimming in the wrong direction saying "well we still have air".

All was good and found ourselves eating BBQ pork at the launch - thanks Pete!

Now on to Pine if the weather holds for one more week. Then the Haloween dive on 10/31!

In case you missed the last dive meeting, it was Pete's Bday!

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