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5/15 Occonomowoc 1st Boat Scuba Dive of the Year!

Updated: May 24, 2019

Beautiful spring night for a crew of seven divers to take a cruise –

Down the shallow tree lined Oconomowoc river

With the goal of Oconomowoc Lake to peruse!

John, Pete, Roger, Jeff, Paul, Steph, and Jim the birthday boy –

(And Sue along to DJ and the sites to enjoy).

Paired up divers headed north and west

But Pete went solo to the south

All out on an hour long diving treasure quest.

Water temp was 48;

Visibility 20 feet

Clear skies – all was great!

No big treasures to report –

Although Pete saw a big canoe

With several carp guarding their “fort”.

A few bottles here and there,

A musky lure bigger than any fish we came across

And Roger’s “shark teeth” which were sure to scare.

Feasted on Pete’s specialty chicken

And cookies and beer by John & Sue;

With a picture perfect sunset topping our dinner with a view!

Finally, it was back up the river we went;

A little too shallow for our taste,

But only one of Pete’s fins got bent!

Everyone huddled to the front as we made our way through;

Bottomed out the front,

So shuffling to the back went the crew.

Unloaded and chatted for a time or two –

Headed out just in time to hear the end of the Buck’s game;

A game one victory: “Fear the Deer!”

Now it’s on to semi-final game two!

Was that bikini really necessary Roger?

Food and Brew were great!

too busy packing to notice the sunset, but well worth the look

Roger & Mud Puppy

Jim & Stephanie

A large Fish Crib:

Pete’s silt cloud from cleaning John's bottles:

outstanding night!

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