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Nagawicka Lake Scuba Diving 8/15/18

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

A beautiful dive night on Nag was had by all.

Pete, Roger, two Jeffs, Mark, Tom, and John

Were on this week’s roll call.

The sky looked ominous which never scares us away –

Besides, Tom said, “It won’t rain cause I’m along today.”

We launched and headed straight for the isle –

Had to show Mark the sunken Studebaker;

A right of passage for new club divers to trial.

We took the plunge two-by-two;

While Tom guarded the boat and the brew!

Roger and Pete; headed east in 80 feet;

Jeff Grebb and John went around the isle;

In search of carp to spear and eat.

Gavin and Mark were on a quest;

For that sunken car, (you may have guessed!)

The vis started out bleak at 3 inches in less than 50 feet;

Below that, it opened up, which was a treat.

There was bountiful booty found by the crew:

Pete and Roger found a pair of anchors, a fishing pole, and a bottle or two;

Jeff & Mark scored some bottles, a dive mask, and a dive ring

While Jeff Grebb and John speared no carp, but got

Two anchors, a fishing pole, and a dive mask to bring.

After an hour dive we surfaced –

To enjoy a lovely sunset cruise;

Complete with Pete’s bursting wienies

And some of Gavin’s ice cold brews.

When we returned at dusk,

Roger was left with ‘take out’ food on his car;

A dead red squirrel clinging to the roof rack bar!

Always a good time had by our crew,

Until next Wednesday

When we head to Pine Lake for another outstanding view!

A semi happy Crew

Where did we go

Success for Pete the light actually worked and now for the beer, nice 6pack abs...

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