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Nagawicka Lake 7/5 Storms avoided

Well the storms are there, but we were diving so they went somewhere else along with all the other boats and traffic.

Post July 4th lake was absolutely dead, maybe the tornado warnings had something to

do about it. We looked up but nothing there that we could see, we we went down and popped up after an hour with the boat still there waiting for us :)

Roger (looking very studley), Pete, John and Jeff all were set for an adventure.

Weather was cloudy, but hints of clearing kept us going.

Anchoring off the East Shore we searched for treasures...not to be found.

only a nice Mason bottle for John and a slightly used flashlight for Jeff.

Still looking for the unleaded gas tank to match the sign.

Jeff was able to find a really nice pole with lurer still attached and it was in mint shape.

A great night was had by all and a spectacular sunset to be seen for all the brave divers.

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