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4/10 Lower Genesee Dive

Ah the Sun was shinning, temps were above 60 above, still 41 below but Lower Genesee was the spot for Pete, Tom, Jeff, Roger, Mark, Paul & John. Especially after the exciting meeting talking about GPS Dive tracks at Stillwater Diving LLC for our monthly meeting 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6pm

Yes, we recovered from the celebration at Water Street Brewery with Jess :) and dove. Pete apparently was either at ash Wednesday service or got a car gash, but still could go although his navigational skills were compromised. Good thing he had John to assist.

Jeff, as usual showing his best side.

Launch became busy with fishermen both in boats and a kayak with 9 strung poles (not kidding), guess he did get the lunker, but preseason the monster was tossed back. Even had Tom going with his little buddy Paul :)

Everyone had smiles, it was a nice night, dives were just under an hour and down to 42 feet with good visibility.

A great evening with awesome food supplied by Pete and Brews by Jeff! Thanks Boys!!!

New trailer worked out just fine, remember pull door shut --- DO NOT SLAM!

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