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Nagawicka Lake 6/25 - Largest Boat Dive Group Ever

First official summer dive since the solstice has past –

Fourteen people. 3 boats out on Lake Nagawicka for a blast…

Had 2 dive spots from which to choose;

Choice 1 and Choice 2.

Went with #1: North of Seven Seas for our three dive crews.

Boat 1: Julie, Rhonda, Brian, Pete, Tom, Ryan, Jeff, and Paul

Boat 2: Roger, Mark, Steph, Jim

Boat 3: Jeff Gavin and John who had to be hauled…

As the story goes, boat 1 and 2 loaded and launched –

But boat 3: it started.

It floated.

But the engine…. It farted!

It seems the engine wouldn’t lower into the lake,

So Pete had to tow Jeff’s boat to the dive spot –

For the dive, they would not forsake!

Air temp 78;

Water temp below thermocline 52 vis 25 ft;

Made conditions quite great.

Treasures included 2 anchors:

One for Roger and a Richter for Jim;

For the rest, some bottles, and a light pole –

Pickings were slim.

At the beach house, a dive after party for 14 did ensue,

With Marty’s pizza delivered,

Washed down with some tasty brew.

Post dive, back at the Gavin abode –

Was faithful Lori –

There to unload.

Hauling Jeff’s tanks and dive gear.

Jeff sure has her trained!

(Or at least well bribed to be such a dear!)

First summer dive; second longest dive for the year

Down in the books.

On to Pine Lake next week,

For some pristine underwater looks!

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