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Nagawicka Island Dive 10/5 visit to Packard Car

Only 5 divers, Greb backed out because it was only 71 degrees....pathetic

Pete, Jeff, Mark, Paul & John ventured to cover the island, been a few years since we were surveying the Packard Car and looking for anchors.

Someone hat a boo boo, but it wasn't Pete. Pete just forgot his dry suit.

Good thing it was back in the truck ;)

More picts in future, but we did find a plethora of crayfish and the Packard along with an anchor and ladder.

Great night and depths to 43 feet at 53 degree water. I'll fill in the video's later, but we saw thousands of crayfish. They were watching, walking, fighting and other things. Good thing Jeff had his camera going, maybe he can supply sound to the images...

Interesting we looped the island both ways. I'm thinking the fishermen were not too happy, but there were not many fish under the water and probably fed with all the little guys under the water.

Even found a bouy from someone's navigation course, video to follow. Jeff has the goods.

Just a spectacular night, then over to Nag boat house for Pork Cubano's.

I think others heard about the good grub, the mooched the food & Beer. We all had fun chatting of tails of wonder found under the warm waters of Nag. Thanks to Sue for the food (no John you can't cook and everyone knows that). Also great visit by Tom and Julie. Poor Roger backed out thinking the meal was going to be veggies.

Off to Pine and North Lake Inn for Pizza's next week following our meeting on Tuesday night at Stillwater Diving LLC.

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