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Nagawicka Boat Dive #26 10/20/21

Well the storms were brewing around us, bolts of lightening to the East, South, North and West. We were protected in the middle. Yup, lets go diving and get 5' under before it gets to us.

Roger was ready, launch was packed with people getting off the lake.

Gavin was set.

Greb was trying to put money in the box between people jumping off the lake.

John was ready and a spot was picked.

What could possibly go wrong?

Was that a bolt? Oh shit time to get going, jump and swim quickly after dumping all the anchor rope overboard.

Nah the heavy stuff won't come for a while yet.

A nice search pattern with depths to 36', but no lightening show came over us that we noticed.

An anchor, fishing pole, dive mask and goggles were the only treasures we stumbled across.

Treats for afterwards were awesome.

Thanks Patty & Sherri!

Chef Petey was busy cooking all day. Chilly cheese dogs the girls will hate that later on.

I wonder where all the sweets went?

A great time was had by all, next week we might even come back!

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