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Saturday Silver Lake Shore Dive 4/3, pre-Easter

Well 8 divers, jumped into Silver lake with various paths taken.

Pete, Jeff, Ryan, Bob, Paul, Jim, Mark & John.

Nice routes, we found a very large Christmas Tree and an old fish shanty.

Poor Paul had to do a surface swim of shame after 2 found anchors from the other side with Jeff. Check out the surfaced divers in shot below.

Beautiful day!

Yup way out there, I see you Paul :)

Winds really picked up

Even a visit from Dennis

Made Pete really happy, well he didn't stay maybe Pete was disappointed.

Food was out of this world, best we have had ALL YEAR! Homemade Salsa was a WOW!

Looking happy was Ryan because he stopped at the 2nd one, BTW Happy Birthday Ryan!

Little Smokey in the trailer with all that cooking

Only 2 pounds of butter were used with 2 dozen eggs.

Who is next for another burrito?

Monster Maget was found by Jeff and Mike ended up with it before the end of the day.

How strong are they? Well some from the group could not remove them.

Forgot the cake maybe it was a good thing. Easter snack for someone, not the Robin!

A good time had by all, water was 43 and temp outside was 50's.

Off to Mill Pond next

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