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May 23rd Okauchee was calling

With weather clear in the 80s, this season’s best –

Our dive team of eight hit Okauchee

On a treasure quest.

A full boat set out from the Golden Mast –

Captain Pete, John, Underwater Connection Stephanie and Jim,

Paul & Jeff Gavin, Rhonda, and Brian

Were the dive cast!

A packed lot at the Mast,

But Pete had no fear!

He weaved expertly through the line of trailers

Not hitting a thing, staying way clear!

Headed to the northwester shore, depths of 50’, divers all grins –

Yet the water was not so clear;

Couldn’t even see the tips of our fins!

Three teams down reported vis was for crap

Tried it again, deeper at below 30 ft

Before calling it a wrap.

Divers were 40-50 minutes down below;

But Jim and Steph spent 70 before they would finally show!

Treasures were fishing poles, anchors, bottles and a can or two;

Best prize was Jeff Gavin’s Richter anchor,

With an estimated $100 value!

There was a plethora of sweets with beer Bundt cake and cookies from Sue;

Too bad Roger wasn’t here to devour them;

We had so many left;

We didn’t know what to do!

Celebrated this beautiful night as Jeff & John passed out their brew;

And Pete shared his jumbo weinies;

A great treat it was too!

A long haul back to the launch –

Offloading in the dark after a long day;

A few items ended up going astray.

John with Jeff’s weights and John had Rhonda’s pole in his trunk

But they’ll return to their rightful owners next week –

So no one will stand accused of stealing another man’s junk!

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