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Little Muskego Lake Scuba Dive 10/18

Well the fall colors were in full bloom, the lake was almost empty of boats and we set off

Packed the boat in record time and wanted to get in prior to dark and hopefully off.

Pete, Mark, Roger, Jeff, Paul (little buddy less) and John braved the rain and cool temperatures. Car was packed to gills.

Paul kept his hands in his pocket at launch, but not in the car...naughty boy. Look at the guilt on that face, oh how I wish Tom comes back to diving with us soon.

Picked a few spots to try, visibility did not look too good at the launch again.

Pete was excited beyond belief to be out on Little M again, wonder why he didn't look up front to see the colorful shorts that Roger had on.

Jeff and John were looking forward to the clearing sky's. John with the new wetsuit from

Stillwater Diving LLC in Delafield.

Had to get out of the water before the Moon rise, but someone gave us his own version.

We dove to just under 40' and visibility came and went in the 52 degree waters. Treasures were found. A few fishing poles, anchors, bottles, new Moto phone...

Glasses, snorkels and more.

Pete supplied a scrumptious feast afterwards of subs, which we could not all be eaten it all and a few Bourbon Beers in a warm garage. I never did figure out where that yellow snorkel ended up, but I'm sure it is somewhere close to be found.

A great evening was had by all and the rains held off until we came up. Not too bad.

Off to Pine Lake for last boat dive of year next week.

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