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Last Shore Dive of year 12/20 Nag 2nd shortest day of the year! (now dive track & Mermaid picts)

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Buddies, too bad Petey ran Paul out of air.

Well that was interesting from Ice on to Ice off at Nag, so of course we went diving. All in a matter of 2 days in the 35 degree water,

5 divers ready Pete, Paul, Roger, Jeff and John.

Off from the Beach we noticed the Mermaid was cold, so we appropriately set her up for a successful winter. Booze and Pink Kittie blanket (pictures to follow later).

Diving for 45 minutes, poor Jeff & John were a bit cold diving wet. Oh my Roger decided to join the fun of being wet in his new supersized Dry suit w 13 booties and 6'5" top end range. You know when you push inflate on him he reminds me of someone...

Dive track as follows the loop on lower blue track is the dressed mermaid and the SS Minnow that was finally found. :) Sad news today hearing that Marie Ann from one the the most inspirational shows ever made passed away. Brings up an interesting delema, who was sexier Marie Ann, or Ginger from Gilligan's island? Let me know with a post to this blog, i'll tally them up. Personally, i think it was Marie Ann.

So just comment on the web page blog Mary Ann or Ginger?

I'm wondering if this might have been one the girls above found in Nag off the shore dressed for winter:

Full action shot of the cold water action:

A few treasures were found

Amazingly an anchor from the past in good shape.

That "short" dive almost put poor Paul on the swim of shame ending with 180 pounds of air. i'm sure finding the anchor in 50+ feet and waiting for Pete to untangle from 2 sailboat buoy's didn't help.

Finishing with some good grub, from Pete & Sherri it was amazing we finished 2 full kringles, 2 lbs of sausage, 2 1/2 dozen eggs, a few onions it served in the trailer. All were full and warmed up after an hour of high heat. A quick visit by our Buddy from the DNR, gave us an adventure to shoot for in the near future. A newly sunken tri-hull, oh what we might find next.

Now it is off celebrate Christmas with family and friends! I hope everyone enjoys the holidays and makes that extra call to make sure your buddies are safe, warm and loved!

On to 2021 and the next adventures of !

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