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1st Trailer Dive at Booth Lake and Double DD's 11/3 Yes, a Narwhale was spotted - details below.

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The trailer was all set and clean as a whistle.

Amazing the floor was really really really clean.

That will not last long.

You can eat off of that right now.

Pack it up, someone was ready to go.

Even Tom had his dive buddy Paul back. Finally got off the golf course I heard :)

Treasures all over the place. An almost new ladder, kayak paddle and paddleboard one.

Even a navey anchor were found.

A priceless shirt, that had the unfortunate effect of being frozen solid when left on Jeff's truck.

Double DD's we found that size does matter.

Roger just wasn't sure where the cut off was on the measurement, or was there more to the story?

Now the rest of the story, or the adventures of Roger the Narwhale:

Poor Roger was having a very bad day, forgetting his weights, hoodie and gloves. Luckily Jeannie came to the rescue for the hoodie & gloves, but no weights so improvise time.

Roger thought better of taking Pete's hitch, and though our Ice chisel would be a good choice.

So gear was put on and the chisel was attached and tied to his clips, only issue was Roger is short and the bar is long. so diving had the sharp end extending a few feet above his head. This caused a buoyancy issue. Being slightly top heavy, in the deeper water Roger plunged to the depths of booth lake. Not to be assisted by companion Jeff, Roger inflated the dry suit, but he also forgot his foot straps. Up Roger flew feet first looking just like Fordham popping to the surface. The knife cut the straps holding the ice chisel, but the return to the dock was needed ASAP. Idea #2 from Mr IT, chisel on pier and load goodie bag with Rocks. Well that lasted almost 20 minutes, but Roger ran out of air and signaled to buddy Jeff, no air. jeff waved and kept following Roger back to pier. Roger explained all dive signals to Jeff at the bar, which are below.

So he was practicing underwater signals, I'm not sure Jeff ever figured it.

As Jeff signaled it was:

So the Information Director report for November's meeting was understanding underwater signals, maybe the next time will be better for the two of them. Well good thing i remembered the cookies this week.

Or not, but Sue was really happy with her new shirt.

Poor Paul has not found the treasures that Jeff left in his car, but I caught him in the act.

A great start to the shore diving season.

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