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Last Boat Dive for the year 10/21 Pine Lake finding an Ancient Alien Skull

2 boats and 10 divers set out for the last boat dive of the year. Thanks to Roger and Pete for supplying the boats! Rest of the divers were Paul, Tom, Steph, Jim, Zack, Mark, Jeff & John.

A few fishing poles, Luers, fishing stringer, bottles and a anchor were found after the "Alien Skull" right next to the glob of wires that ended up on Pete's anchor.

The most interesting thing was the thousands of fish swarming around the boat light they looked like anchovies.

Only issue was Pete was wet to the navel in his "dry suit", pulling a Mark move if you ask me. Afterwards we headed up to North Lake Pizza for the Meat Lovers Max with garlic less garlic bread ;) .

A great season of boat diving - Thanks again to Pete, Roger and Jeff for sharing their boats and not ever complaining about the deposits that were left behind.

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