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Last Boat dive 10/25 Tom's 1st Round Bottom

only taken 58+ years of diving, but Tom finally found his round bottom bottle

Weather was very fall like with all the leaves coming down.

Pete, Roger, Jeff, Mark, Tom, Paul (Tom's little Buddy) & John went out to Pine Lake for the last boat dive of the year, Tom was hoping he might find one of his elusive treasures.

Some of the brave had wet suits, but not the 4 below, going dry or hoping to stay that way, out on the waters of Pine lake. Water temp was 47, depths down to 60 feet. Plenty of big fish to be seen with great visibility down below the thermocline.

Captain Pete was optimistic and happy

Jeff's always that way and he picked location for the big dive

Tom was rewarded with his first and only round bottom bottle, hoping to show it off at the next dive meeting 11/14 at Stillwater Diving LLC at 6pm. Come and take a look

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