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Lake Beulah Diving 4/14 Let the celebration begin

Well only for 4 true die hearts, apparently the commander in chief could not make the dive from perhaps celebrating a bit too much the night before and it got ugly ;)

Not a bad route, we specifically told Jeff "we are going to the Right ie EAST, so Jeff go to left on West side with Paul, ok." Jeff's Roger that! So we thought we were ok, but no not really.

Now notice the simulated (GPS track) dive paths in live video streaming mode, Pete and John left WAY before Jeff and Poor Paul. They went right after us, but a bit slower, not sure why that was.

Other than diving to 50 feet for 45 minutes in 44 degree water, Pete and John found something disturbing:

The giant Muck cloud of shame, it was literally rolling down the hill. Maybe it was because Jeff was using Paul's "wand of shame".

Dinning afterwards with onlooker Tom, protecting the trailer. We all stuffed ourselves with Pete's great cooking.

Even had veggies on those tasty brats :), becoming health conscious for 2021 perhaps.

A great night and the trailer was warm.

Too bad poor President Jeff didn't join, but he and Ryan had other plans ;) I hope Rhonda saved him, just wait till Patty finds out.

Yes the dive meeting was a lot of fun, more tales to be told next month :), perhaps Blue Lagoon the sequel?

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