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January 21st 2018 - Okauchee Lake Ice Dive - Click picture for full story below

Updated: Jan 25, 2018

Happy divers - How did we get here? Just follow the story below...

The Journey begins

Roger's little girl cart, deserves a lifted leg

Who is watching?

Out of Golden mast lot

Well some idiot is out with a car it must be safe

So far so good, but the guy is still watching us

Sometimes i have to give directions. only issue is it is coming from "both" ends

A very happy Paul

Well Roger is here

Roger is gone after he hit the gas

How did that hole get cut?

Paul needs a bit more "bulk", I guess Pete qualifies, not sure what Jeff is up too...

Is a calf giving Birth, poor Rodger has to do the dirty deed

Jeff does move that light box very well

Freaky clear ice today

All secured with a block of wood

Ice seems to be a bit slippery hope everyone has cleats today... Where is that hole? Jeff still moving that box...

Sacrifice the Virgin first!

Final hug good bye...

Pete thinks it might be 25' or close to ride, but something is below the hole not just a block of wood holding the ice block

John wonders if he should tell Dennis

Well some people are nuts anyway, i guess he doesn't care

Hoping is is thick enough ice and a wee bit slippery

Always willing to help Pete, we are watching those hands sir! Her Dad is close.

Julie says not so bad after all


Damn the torpedo's, going below


wow that is clear

Tom & Julie survived, proud Pappa :)

Dan's Turn, Roger trying to figure out how to push him in (later just over).

Skid marks from Dan's trip, i guess he was a bit nervous..

Oh never mind it was a few treasures

On To Paul and Dennis

Then Roger

Then Jeff, he finally put box in right spot

Pete looks worried he has to dive with me today

Well what did we find under the hole today, boat #1

Then Boat #2 with a bass tucked behind the driver wheel

Whoa maybe there was a boating speed limit?

Boat #3, not so clear in 55'

Boat #4

Oh my John needs a bigger goodie bag

Pete is off swimming away, i guess i'll have to follow since the rope is tight

What does it look like coming out of a hole in the ice you ask?

Kind of neat light entering from above

It is hard to see the edge no matter what anyone says, even Big Paul

A wonderful day, not to pack up, Eat hot dogs and wash down with some brew a special Oktoberfest saved for the right moment.

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