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Ice Diving Season has Begun !!!!

After a long wait Lake Beulah finally was the first lake to co operate and give us almost 6 inches of good ice. The air temp was about 32 degrees which made for a comfortable day on the lake. We had 6 divers enjoy the newly frozen lake. Two of the divers , Eric & Chris , made a 3 hour journey to dive with us. They were 2 of the nicest divers that we have had join us, and certainly welcome back anytime. Not a lot of treasure brought back, unless you call a decrepit pail , ice fishing pole far past its prime and a pair of underwear that John just could not stand to leave behind , Treasure. We had good vis and lots of friendly , curious visitors on the lake. After the dive we visited and enjoyed chili dogs prepared by chef Roger and some refreshing beverages. looking forward to this weekends adventures ..............

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