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Hurricane Michael and effects on Nagawicka Lake - Dive Report 10/10/18

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Wasn’t quite Hurricane Michael trending in Florida,

But on Lake Nagawicka, damn near close.

The dark clouds were looming;

The winds were verbose!

Despite the weather -

Our fearless dive crew is always ready and geared;

Pete had his boat in the water and running,

Before the rest of us even appeared!

Jeff Gavin, John, and Tom soon arrived at the scene

With ominous clouds rolling in

And the sky looking mean!

Just as we’re leaving, along came Rhonda,

Umbrella in tow –

Not gonna dive;

Just there for Mother Nature’s show!

As the three divers scrambled to get on their gear –

Sheets of rain poured,

Drenching us all from head to our rear!

Yet there was a glimmer of hope on the horizon –

A sliver of light.

As good meteorologists, we knew to look back at the shoreline,

And of course, we were right!

And shazam! A double rainbow was there to behold,

Beckoning us to come find our pot of gold!

So we headed where golden rays kissed the sea,

Dropping in three anchors to hold our position was our decree.

The three stooges: Jeff, John, and Pete

Headed off as a trio

In depths of 57 feet.

Down for 52 minutes;

Water temp 43 –

Stayed together until Pete decided to flee!

There was bootie to be found,

And treasures most definitely abound!

Pete found an outboard Johnson engine – major score!

Had to use his 100 lb. lift bag to float it/land it, and bring it ashore!

Jeff and John continued their quest;

Scoring 4 anchors, a six pack of cans, fishing net,

And a prize John liked the best:

In John’s eye, “The world’s largest cappuccino cup” still fully in tact –

But truth be told, only an old chamber pot, was the true fact.

Popping back on the boat, there were strong winds –

Spraying over Rhonda and Tom,

Soaked to their core –

So we pulled up the anchors and flew back to the shore.

After pulling the boat and unpacking the gear,

We headed for the warm Nagawicka Park shelter

For some of Pete’s yummy chicken and beer!

We told tales of our journey,

And made dive plans for next week –

We’ll be returning to Nag,

‘Cuz the shelter is great if the weather turns bleak!

Brave Troopers

Oh the winds are on the way

Score one for Pete

4 Treasures for Jeff and John

Cappuccino Cup or Pete's use? Not sure of both at same time.

A Few video's to watch from Jeff:

Da Mud Bug:

Da Chair:

Da Fish:

What a night!

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