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Hunting Season for Hunter's Lake Dive 11/14

Well it didn't look too promising from the start, but the water looked clear.

We ventured out and a snowy morning.

Surprisingly a Duck boat was already launched.

Just a little tight, but i'm glad Pete was driving.

Everyone was VERY excited to jump in.

We grew and multiplied

Finally a full group of 5, Pete, Paul, Jeff, Mark & John ventured off.

Parking on the street, it was a bit of a cold walk, at least after the dive it was very COLD!

Poor Jeff, stepped out into a HUGE pile of dog pooh, good thing the trailer was clean at the start of the year. So much for eating of the floor anytime soon.

A good haul of treasures. Another boat was returning to the launch in a full snow storm, we did not wait for them to land before we warmed in the trailer, then off to Sunny Side up Restaurant for hot coffee and breakfast.

Really not sure what this was when found and still not sure...

Mark was extremely excited with his find!

Jeff and John were happy to have luke warm coffee afterwards!

20' deep and the vis was so so. Found an old wooden boat and a tangle of trees.

Well we can see the track, check out the real time speeds. Apparently, John had to Pee so badly that he doubled his speed on the way back. Johns average speed on the way out was 0.27 MPH and on the way back it was 0.58 MPH. Pete just flew everywhere and Mark and Paul had a blown battery.

Overall a fun trip, maybe next year another go for it with Pete's boat ;).

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