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Hot Days of Summer Diving 7/8 Nagawicka

Hottest day of the year found our dive team out on Nag again for some fun –

Seems everyone and their brother was out for some cool water fun!

Just a group of four: Roger, Pete, John, and Jeff G.

Four others backed out… their dive was not meant to be.

Originally planned for Nemahbin, but full so we headed to Nag for plan B…

Had to park in the upper lot with a hike down the hill,

The launch was very full,

So there was time to kill.

El President, Jeff aka “Carp Slayer” was in prime form

With his assistant Roger, Jeff slayed two beauties….

More than the norm!

Pete and John headed south in cooler waters with depths of 42 feet;

Visibility (approx.. 25ft) was great below thermocline (@12-14ft)

Water below thermocline at 50

Made diving a treat!

Spunky Pete found a king sized bed sheet –

Adorned it in water to play Superman…

While John found two megaphones,

Playing the cheerleader, shouting as loud as he can.

Treasures were some bottles and a few anchors,

All left behind.

And a pair of sunglasses that someone may soon find

After an hour of diving, we surfaced for a beautiful sunset,

And bountiful brats in beer,

With Patty’s delicious cookies….

Always a sure bet!

Meanwhile, the wake boats were out raising heck;

Causing the greasy brat, beer, onion broth to splash all on Pete’s deck!

There were children swimming everywhere,

And police patrolling about…

Everyone enjoy their cool time in the hot weather no doubt!

Next week, it’s back to Nemahbin to try once again…

Wishing all our dive friends to stay cool until then!

crowded launch

hauling an anchor or carp weigh just about the same.

my dive buddy

although he stole my bottle when he had the cape on...

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