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Halloween Pumpkin Carving with Scuba Club

Winner Winner Winner was Jason, er I mean Ryan for the underwater scuba pumpkin carving contest.

A few brave souls went under for diving, while a few smart ones drank beer and ate chili waiting for us to finish. A great time was had by all.

Mark Steph and Jim are almost set!

Is that a diver, or a shark, or Jason?

How did that critter get in there?

What a sunset!

More Pictures to come later, but Andy did win the Chili competition!

Everyone ate way too much, and the place was bursting with "flavor"

What a great day for the dive, even a blue Moon for the evening.

All pumpkins were shipped back to their owners!

A truly creepy experience!!!

I think someone had one too many...

On to Silver Lake next weekend for the next adventure!

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