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February 20 2019 Pewaukee Lake Ice Dive for Jack Dannels

Pewaukee Lake again,

Parking lot sheer ice on another snowy day -

Paul almost hit a tree on the curve,

Thankfully, he turned just in time to keep that tree at bay!

Paul, Jeff, John, Pete, Dan, Jim, and Roger all ready to explore.

The first group of Paul & Jeff found an anchor and a ladder;

And best of all a full bottle of Jack on the lake bottom floor.

The second group of Pete and John scored a white muskie lure with eyes

A cool old Blatz bottle with no bottom

And a classic coke – to mix with the Jack found by the other guys!

Dan and Jim were the next to go and found an anchor left by group one –

A fishing pole and a few other treasures scored

They report a successful dive that was rather fun!

Roger was the clean up man –

Finding five anchors left behind;

Nothing too special or anything to report

That was truly “one of a kind.”

The DNR wardens stopped by and chatted with the crew –

Being very PC, we invited them for chili and a bloody mary,

Or even and ice cold brew.

They respectfully declined and went on their merry way –

Always good to make friends in “high places”

Was our motto for the day.

The wind was howling, chilling us to the bone.

3-4” of snowfall while we were there

Probably why there was only one fisherman on the lake –

Leaving us all alone.

We retreated to the trailer for chili, and a bloody and/or beer

Made the trip all worthwhile –

We made it off the lake through snow drifts and white outs,

But headed home as usual with a big smile!

What a haul

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