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February 10th Ice Dive on Pewaukee Lake - Love in the air

Seven divers, 3 observers on Pewaukee Lake, pre St. Valentine –

Temps were above 20 –

First time in days

Making it seem mighty fine.

Pete, Paul, John, Jeff Gavin, Roger, Jim, and Dan –

Divers all met on the Pewaukee “ice rink”

(Also known as the parking lot)

Maneuvering around as best as they can.

Weaving around many fisherman and flags strung out for a mile –

Made it to the island

Dug a hole in 20 feet;

Just past the isle.

Jim and Dan were first to venture out –

Mucking for cans and bottles of brew;

And treasures to scout!

John and Paul were 2nd –

Taking the plunge without fail;

Found an anchor, but left it behind;

Yet acquired bottles and cans -

A nice embossed independent brewery bottle of ale

Then there were Roger and Jeff –

Who was ever replacing his O rings and ice components that had a leak.

They both came back with a few bottles & cans;

But their treasure tally came up rather weak!

Pete went diving alone at 270 feet out;

Retrieved an electric trolling motor, four soda bottles

And an old milk bottle –

Priceless beyond a doubt!

Post dive, Dan supplied super sloppy joes,

Chips and beers too.

There was a bourbon aged stout,

Shared by all of the crew.

We dined in the warm trailer-

Once done we popped out,

To find a blizzard in progress;

Made driving home tricky, no doubt!

Ever present Stupervision from Dennis

hole seems just a bit smaller than normal and a wee bit tight...

Even observers

looks like no good can happen here

Pete's head was a little cold and a bit afraid diving alone, so we helped warm up

Good thing they got out before the cube came back

Jeff i really don't think that is going to help freeze the hole over...

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