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Dive Meeting 5/3 - Always something happening!

Dreaming of SuperDog/Girl...something, what could possibly be in store for the scuba dive meeting?

As the dive group knows, you really never know what is going to happen at those exciting dive meetings. Guest speakers, special presentations, flash mobs, maybe well you don't know what will happen during or post meeting at Stillwater Diving or brew house? It is just casual and anyone can show up, even barefoot w a cooler of?

Or join us post meeting for a soda/beer/other. Everyone gets into the shenanigan's.

Just watch out for those turkey's they are everywhere, outside or in.

All possible facial recognition hidden to protect the innocent turkey

Some of the attendees were a little out of control, but all had fun.

So just show up for our next meeting at Stillwater Diving LLC in Delafield the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Always worth a surprise and laugh!

You never know what gets left behind.

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