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Delavan Scuba Diving 6/1 can we beat 19 Anchors?

Another evening predicted to be poor, turned out to be peaceful for our adventure

Well the crew set off with a little less warm temperatures than prior week to see if they could beat the 19 anchor haul. Well we had plenty of snacks and a freshly washed boat.

Paul, Tom and Jeff enjoyed the treasures they stumbled upon and Roger found the snacks.

VP Steve was back from Roatan dive with Stillwater Diving and is so excited to discuss at next meeting about his Caribbean adventures complete with 100+ lionfish and turtles.

Pete and John packed a bigger float.

Roger found the cookies, which were supposed to be limited to 1 for his diet...

Not sure if i was supposed to catch that, 3rd one. Don't tell Jeannie.

Lots of boat traffic the whole night, well we did see 1, water was still in the 50's.

Anchors away, we topped prior week by 1, all the way up to 20 for the week.

A few interesting bottles, which have never been discovered by our group before.

A whisky bottle, a few beers and a sparkling water one, which just slipped out of a hand.

A blob and a Gasparini from Rockford all will find homes on a shelf soon.

Perhaps the next dive meeting a few will be displayed.

Paul's big find from Hires

An almost new medium duty fishing pole.

Still in good shape w friends

Cleaned up pretty well.

Another fine week of diving total was 39 Anchors in 2 weeks, Pete will have to get busy selling soon.

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