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Delavan Lake Scuba Diving Pirate Bootie

Well 7 Divers went off for an adventure on Delavan lake. Starting warm and sunny ended windy and wavy for the full moon, or moons after this day was done. We were all set to go and packed gear, but missing one member (closest one to the meeting spot btw).

Pete, Tom, Paul, Steve, Roger, John and...

Jeff off to the launch.

Picking our spot, 2 boats headed out in blue skys.

Paul and Tom, were happy at the start, thinking of finding some good bootie.

Pete was partially blinded by the pre full moon, mooning. Poor Sherri had to partake.

Some double ground between the prior boat dive and this weeks dive, Roger was solo track. Temp was in the 80's, water was 45 and visibility was ok above 35' and not much below that. Poor Paul got tangled pulling an anchor and lost Tom for a brief period. Winds picking up we knew 3 anchors were needed to keep from drifting down the lake.

Well 40 years of diving and Tom finally got the torpedo, oh no Pete really did and Tom was venting on the boat. Making up afterwards, I think he really did like the find.

Heading off the clouds and wind took over, but feeding a brew to the boys made everyone happier, even Tom.

Heading off as quickly as possible.

Odd things happen with that full moon.

How did it look before my eyes were blinded you ask:

Poor Jeanie, wonder if it was a bowling night...

Yup a double moon was definitely seen.

Booty time:

5 Anchors, a few bottles and cans

A very fun time and all made it back before the rain showers that lasted a week.

A couple flags all made for a great evening. Thanks for the food Petey!

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