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Delavan Diving 6/8 fighting like Romans for Hidden Treasures - not just anchors and bombs

Paul lost his buddy...again but he had to to scavenging again.

Roger didn't have a chance to get into the cookies before Jeff this week.

oohy and goohy they were

Paul, Jeff and John loaded the boat. The weather wasn't as nice as prior weeks, but John was optimistic and said that it would be blue sky's before the end of the night.

A lot of teamwork goes into these trips.

Pete donned the dry suit again in preparations for the drifting rain clouds.

Jeff didn't care he ate Rogers share of cookies, someone was "working" we were told.

Mark could not help and wanted to join the fun.

Amazing change from the way out below.

To after the dive, just as was predicted.

Turned out to be a great evening, water was noticeably warmer into the 60's.

Even had cookies after the dive tonight.

Well now for that bootie and Roman Soldiers

Didn't know we were going to find a Roman spear, but Pete did, or close to it.

A few glasses, Milk jug and a clam shell in Jeff's bag.

Jeff found all the "good" things, must have been his navigator John :)

Not as good a haul as prior weeks and visibility was dropping, nice straight lines Pete & John's navigational skills were on high display this week. Even looked at the compass.

Overall a nice evening it turned out to be.

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