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Delavan Dive 5/12 Anchors away

Well a crew of 8 ventured out to Delavan Lake on a cool night to find treasures. Packed up in the truck tight as a drum with an extra on in the trunk.

Off for the clear & cool water hoping for a find. Roger, Jeff, Paul, Tom, Steve, Jim, Pete & John.

Jeff picked the spot, based upon some old plot maps and a log cabin.

Well it was a good spot and harvested completly, well almost with anchors left because the floats were sinking.

Total find was 15 anchors, but Jim took off with 8 before we left the launch. He still is looking to replace the richters which were left in the quarry never to be found again.

Luckily, we snapped a picture of the 8 before Jim/hoarder booties were deposited.

Water was a little green, but visibility was a good 20 feet in spots. Temperature was 42 below the surface. Amazingly, John left this piece of glass on bottom, but Tom picked up and it ended up at Jeff's office. Not sure how that happened.

Jeff is proud of his treasure, he does use Windows at work you know ;)

Jeff found a few nice embossed bottles too:

His goodie pile of junk, er I mean stash of treasures.

Even John found a treasure in his car the next day.

Tom had to bring home the padlocked anchor for Laura to pick:

A fine night with food supplied from Pete & Beers from Jeff & John

Off to Roatan next week for Jim & John.

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