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DD's Gone Mill Pond Shore Dive 11 1 23

A cool and crisp night for a dive on the Mill Pond

Even though there was a dumping on Halloween of 2-4 inches of snow north, we went diving anyway, most of it melted down by Beulah

The temps were not so warm and a

reminder to put your gear inside instead of leaving out in the truck... it freezes

Roger and Paul were unloading quickly on the pier.

it might have been clear but not warm at all, where was that heated "clean" trailer?

How cold was it, well look at the before/after images with the buddies having their hands in the pockets, then out. I had to beg them to show hands for the picture.

It didn't last long

Off went diving, some for an hour, some for 20 minutes Poor Roger only had 700lbs of air, thinking maybe he has a valve leak, reminds me of his wreck dive on Michigan w 500lb..., but he did have a pony so it was ok. The first shore dive, Pete did clean the boat so we are all set for next year and the trailer was spotless!

Well the bar DD's was cleansed and there was nothing left of it, or Roger's digestive track after he found this on the North shore of the Mill Pond by Beulah.

Paul and Jeff found no goodies, Pete found a Delta plow anchor, 1st ever found

John found a designer shirt and Paddle board handle, might need a cleaning...where did it go? I left Roger in charge of it so I'm not sure, better check your glove boxes.

The water was 47 degrees and we dove down the thermocline, it was very distinctive with a wave of muck floating in mid-air like a smokescreen. After the dive all enjoyed Pete's subs, Jeff's beer and Sue's most delicious cookies, delivered by John.

Off to Hunter's next Sunday for our next adventure. Yes, Pete ate 5 cookies :)

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